As a stunt project in connection with Skien`s MerSmak-festival we designed a ”green wall” in the back yard of Lundetangen Pub, -one of the sites of the “Mosaikk” project.

A bamboo scaffold, measuring 12m x 6m x 0.3m, is mounted onto the existing concrete wall mortised with plastic strips. Bamboo is for the time being an unusual material in the North, but an interesting one. More rigid than most types of wood, and good resistance towards rot makes it a versatile material. The bamboo can grow up to 15 meters in just six months.

The scaffold provides suspension for bags containing plants: humulus, parthenocissus, herbs and strawberry. The bags make it easy to plant wherever you want, and could very well be the start of an urban garden. On the concrete backyard of pub Lundetangen, the use of food plants is introduced turning it into an vertical garden.


See the video from the opening of the courtyard project “Mosaikk” in Skien

design by kollektiviti
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